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Woodstock Concert Series - Woodstock, GAWoodstock Concert Series
Woodstock, GA
RCS Productions is the leader in producing community concert series and festivals in the Southeast.  Our team of courteous concert professionals delivers right sized production solutions to your patrons, sponsors and event staff which will enhance their overall experience. 

Our team provides the latest in audio and lighting technology. Whether it is our industry leading V-Dosc line array PA system for twenty thousand or an economic powered system for one hundred, RCS Productions will design the system that is right for you. 

Concerts should always sound pleasant, we make sure our concert experiences look good with stage, roof and lighting solutions that match the event and the artist needs.  With many different staging and roof systems we can analyze your unique event situation and put in place one of our trusted stage solutions. 

RCS Productions team is staying abreast of the changing concert lighting industry and our team can deliver lighting solutions from traditional lighting to LED Moving lights and effects to round out the entertainment experience.    

RCS Productions employ a variety of sound and lighting solutions.

Stageline Mobile Stages

For ease of use and fast mobilization we offer the versatility of the Stageline Mobile Stages including:
SL100 StageThe Versatile SL 100
24 feet wide unit
SL 250 StageThe Versatile SL 250
32 feet wide unit
SL 320 StageThe Large Event Format SL 320
40 feet wide unit

Traditional Built Stages and Roofs

Many events, venue's and facilities need to employ the traditional stage and roof built systems.
These systems come in an almost endless array of sizes to fit your event and venue needs.
Extra Large
100 x 48
40 x 40 with Flybays
40 feet wide unit
40 x 40

40 x 40 for Tight Spaces

Sound and Lighting

RCS teams employ a variety of sound solutions to fit the mission
and the budget including:

Large Format Line Array
L'Acoustic V-Dosc System

Mid-Size EV-XLC & D System

L'Acoustic DV-Dosc System

L'Acoustic ARCS System

Traditional EV PA
Smaller Crowds Budget

Custom lighting effects and solutions

Traditional Lighting solutions

The latest in moving light technology

Video Production from RCS

Want to make an impact at your event?  Consider adding RCS Video Services!

Contact RCS to discuss your scenario and goals and the different video solutions that we can implement. [click images for larger view]

Trailer  Mounted LED Screens

Trailer Mounted screens can bequickly and conveniently added to your event and can be used for playback of sponsorship, vendors and important event information. LED Walls can be implemented to stage design or free standing and because they are panels can be built to a variety of sizes.

LED Walls

LED Walls can be implemented to stage design or free standing and because they are panels can be built to a variety of sizes.

Screens and Projectors

Traditional night time screens and projectors are a beautiful way to enhance your event, with new high resolution projectors the images are spectacular.

Amphitheater Design

RCS Productions will provide your project manager and design team top of the line consulting services. RCS’s expert team will ensure that your new venue is technically friendly to artists, production companies, and touring groups. RCS advising services are invaluable when it comes to projects of any size. RCS Amphitheater Design