RCS Productions employ a variety of sound and lighting solutions.

Stageline Mobile Stages

For ease of use and fast mobilization we offer the versatility of the Stageline Mobile Stages including:
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SL100 StageThe Versatile SL 100
24 feet wide unit
SL 250 StageThe Versatile SL 250
32 feet wide unit
SL 320 StageThe Large Event Format SL 320
40 feet wide unit

Traditional Built Stages and Roofs

Many events, venue's and facilities need to employ the traditional stage and roof built systems.
These systems come in an almost endless array of sizes to fit your event and venue needs.
Extra Large
100 x 48
40 x 40 with Flybays
40 feet wide unit
40 x 40

40 x 40 for Tight Spaces